Your Doctor May Be Checking a New Vital Sign!

Your Doctor May Be Checking a New Vital Sign!Preventative Medical Advice
If you are not so well motivated, well…you are probably unlikely to take your medications, follow through on advice and instruction, skip preventative measure or end up back in the doctor's office or the hospital. If you've had surgery and need to …
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A Calmer You: Hey doc, I've been waitingPreventative Medical Advice
All those who scolded me left, right and centre for not writing the column last week, please note that medical leave is allowed even in the prison camps of Guatemala. Areey, I was down with a terrible bout of viral infection that caused bad … Hum toh …
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Vail Daily column: Prepare for health care costs during retirementPreventative Medical Advice
In estimating health care costs during retirement, you may find that $ 4,000 to $ 6,000 per year per person for traditional medical expenses is a good starting point, although the amount varies by individual. … So, what can you do to help cope with …
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